Power of word combinations

Words have certain power. They can motivate, they can hurt, and they can provide comfort. But only when they are set in certain chains, combined in certain special way.

We can hear wise words and agree with them. Some of the sentences and phrases we hear touch our hearts deep within. These words combinations stay with us and help us immensely.

Here is a bouquet of words I discovered yesterday, and which made me see the things I heard and realized before, in completely new light.

“Seeking strokes puts others in an awkward position, so if you do it, stop. Pause regularly and take pride in all your hard work as you go along. Then move on.” Christina Katz in “The Writer’s Workout”

We all search for praise. I’ve caught myself many times imagining how other people would praise me for what I have accomplished. And I worried and was disappointed if people didn’t praise me the way I imagined it. Then I thought I wasn’t good enough. But I forgot to realize that many people were often busy seeking for their own pat. They looked for appreciation as much as I did. And all those worries stopped me to continue doing what I had to, even if it was something I really enjoyed to do.

The wonderful sentences by Christina Katz provided me with a sweet and helpful mantra: “Take pride in your work. Then move on.”

During the last two days, I noticed several times how I wanted to fish for compliments and appreciation. Then I smiled, took pride in what I did, and moved on. This moving on included appreciating my loved ones and other people around me.