Press Release for ‘Self-Gamification Happiness Formula’

Dr. Victoria Ichizli-Bartels Releases Innovative New Book: ‘The Self-Gamification Happiness Formula; How to Turn Your Life Into Fun Games’

AALBORG, Denmark, June 18, 2019 – Electronic engineer and scientist Victoria Ichizli-Bartels recently codified her unique life-philosophy of Self-Gamification in a new book entitled “The Self-Gamification Happiness Formula.” Seeking to expand on current gamification approaches to living, generally championed by game designers, Self-Gamification is a three-pronged approach to gamifying life and pursuing lasting happiness. Victoria’s book is currently available for purchase on Amazon.

Synopsis: Written for those struggling to find daily motivation to work on projects and maintain healthy habits, Self-Gamification illustrates that happiness is always nearby and available to absolutely everyone. The secret lies in not taking life too seriously and allowing gamification to transform all that one thinks and does into a game of excellence. Self-Gamification also provides motivation by implementing proven game-design reward elements into daily life.

Victoria discusses the mastery of three specific skill sets that will help readers be successful in their self-motivational game designs:

  1. Seeing one’s thoughts and surrounding world in a non-judgmental way, exactly as an anthropologist might do.
  2. Identifying one’s dreams and goals, then taking action — one small step at a time — to achieve those goals, in the style of “The Kaizen Way.”
  3. Applying the art of gamification to living. Seeing and treating all activities, large and small, as a game. Designing, playing, and improving these games by giving oneself points, badges, stars and other small symbolic rewards. Doing so will increase one’s sense of well-being and improve life over time.

Five-Starred Review for Victoria’s work by New York Times best-selling author, John David Mann: “…The sabotaging voices in your head will push you down to the pavement. A good writing teacher or coach picks you up and helps you along the path. I’ve now published thirty books — and I still need someone to do that for me. That’s exactly what Victoria does. Pick up a copy of her [work] and she’ll do it for you.”

About Victoria Ichizli-Bartels, Ph.D.

A writer and specialist in business development, information technology, semiconductor physics and electronic engineering, Victoria founded Optimist Writer in 2015 as a writing, publishing and consulting business. Since 2015, Victoria has published both non-fiction and fiction titles, while creating and promoting a new self-motivational approach to living she calls Self-Gamification. To learn more about Victoria’s work, Self-Gamification and forthcoming titles, visit: