The Story Behind Self-Gamification

I turn my life into games since two years. During these two years, deliberately. Now I realize that I applied game-design principles also before to my life, but unbeknown to me until now. Since the last half a year, I gamify all areas of my life and have immense fun with it.

When I first heard of the word gamification, I was sure I would find someone doing what I do, or at least someone, who was wondering, as I was, whether we could turn all activities including those we think we don’t like doing into fun occupations. But I didn’t.

I also couldn’t find another non-gamer writing about gamification.

Now, as the interest to my method – which brings three established approaches into one strong synergy – grows, I think I should share the story that led me to develop this approach, which I call self-gamification.

This story will be the second chapter of my future book Self-Gamification: Turn Your Life into a Fun Game.

Enjoy: The Story Behind

(Credits: Photograph © with the keyword game)