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One Minute Read from the Gameful Healing


Here is the fifth blog post in a series featuring videos on YouTube, where I read from one of my motivational books for one minute.

In this video, I read from Gameful Healing: Almost a Memoir; Not Quite a Parable (Book 2 in Gameful Life series).

I am reading the extract from chapter 28, “Perfume.”

Here it is if you want to read along, prior, or afterward.


Excerpt from the Gameful Healing

My story with perfume turned out to be very similar, but maybe a little more “ancient,” to the one with sorbitol.

I loved bragging about my sensitive nose. I wanted to have special abilities, like my father and sister, and I wanted something unique, shared by no one else in my family.

My father had incredible eyesight. Once, in Algeria, driving at night along a road with no streetlights, he stopped the car, got out, and disappeared into the darkness, returning with a black umbrella. My mom still wonders how he could have seen the black umbrella lying there, while driving past it. She often recalls this “incident” when thinking of my father’s extraordinary eyesight. We used this umbrella for many years afterwards, including after returning from Algeria to Moldova.

[A side-story: As a child, I lived in Algeria for three years. My father was a guest-lecturer in the physics of semiconductors at Annaba University in Algeria between 1979 and 1982. He died scarcely half a year after our return to Moldova. Thus Africa, and especially Algeria, have a special place in my heart because most of my memories of my father — I was between 6 and 9 years old then — were gathered there.]


The next step

If you want to find out how I support myself in healing and dealing with my multiple health conditions by turning my life into fun games, then I invite you to read Gameful Healing. It can support you on your journey of healing and well-being. Knowing that we are not alone is always helpful. To look at the book and buy it on Amazon, click on its title above or this image below:

If you want to see where else you can buy it, then go to the book’s page on this website here.

Alternatively, you can subscribe to my page, Optimist Writer, on ko-fi for $5 a month, and besides supporting what I do, you will also get access to all my motivational books, which I share there once a month or each time a book is out. Right now, you can get access to four of my books there — one upon subscription or one-time support and three in the posts solely for subscribers. Gameful Healing will appear later this year or sooner upon explicit request from the subscribers.

I wish you a beautiful and gameful day!

How to Tell Your Story With Joy Instead of Blame

(Image by the author)

All of us had and have up and downs in our lives. And many have various health conditions, either physical, mental, or both. Some of these are hereditary, and we might want to tell our children or share with our loved ones about our experiences and feelings.

But how to do it without blaming circumstances, other people, or ourselves? Is there any way to do it without getting a very bleak, dark, and dramatic outcome?

In fact, there is. Writing a memoir is one such possibility. I recently wrote and published one to share my experience with varying and changing health conditions with my children, should they ever experience something similar in their lives. I called the book Gameful Healing: Almost a Memoir; Not Quite a Parable. It is Book 2 in the “Gameful Life” series.

I resisted writing it for some time, tried to write it as a fiction book until I realized that simply telling the truth, my truth, was enough. I could tell it without blaming anyone or anything, allowing myself to see my story through the lenses of the experience, feelings, and memories I gathered up till now. In the process, I discovered and re-experienced many beautiful, warm, and joyful moments too.

Approaching the writing process as one of my favorite games and adjusting its design so that I couldn’t wait to engage in working on the book was of big help and enormous fun.

Now, I am not afraid to write memoirs and share various bits from my life, either in long or short form, such as this little post. 😀

If you need help with putting your story into words with joy instead of drama and blame, I suggest you contact me at this address to discuss how we could work together:

E-mail: vib@optimistwriter.com

If you want to test my writing in this genre, first, check out my book Gameful Healing: Almost a Memoir; Not Quite a Parable.