The Uncertainty Principle

Here is one of the merriest houses I have ever seen (Hundertwasser House in Magdeburg). That is why I decided to use this picture for this post.

Today I want to share a joke that might be known to many of you, but I discovered it recently as I wrote and revised my new book Self-Gamification Happiness Formula: How to Turn Your Life into Fun Games. In one of the chapters, I use the Uncertainty Principle as an analogy. One of the readers of the early versions of the book shared this joke with me. Here it goes:

Heisenberg is flagged down by a traffic policeman “Professor Heisenberg, did you know you were doing 83 mph?” to which Heisenberg replies, “Great, now I don’t know where I am.” 😀

Have a fun and happy (even if it might be uncertain or even because of it) day!

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