What Is the Difference Between the Preferred Path to Your Goal and the Actual One

(Image courtesy of the author)


Have you ever tried to illustrate the preferred path to your goals geometrically?

Our stubborn concentration on the goals brings the illusion of this path as being a straight line. At least this straight line is our preferred path. “That would be so great if I would already have been there and achieved that,” we think.

But similar to the way on land to the airport from where we live, our lives are rarely straight lines.

Neither the paths to the wins in the games. They are never straight lines. Because — let’s admit it — straight lines are not very exciting. Yes, they are simple and straightforward, but they are not fun.

Over thousands of years, people shaped their games along with their experience of fun and put many fun obstacles and challenges on the path to the wins in those games.

Fun can rarely be found in a straight line to your goals in life either. At least not in the long run.

And thankfully, our brains don’t function linearly either. Especially the subconscious parts of our minds are very gameful and playful.

I invite you to observe your thought processes, their quirkiness, and how life unfolds with the eyes of a curious and passionate game designer and player. You will discover so many possibilities, as well as your resourceful and gameful powers.

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