Why We Choose to Do Some Things over the Other

Have you ever asked yourself why you end up escaping from things you want to address into something else, which you don’t consider good for you at all?

You have? Have you tried to find a way to change or compensate that?

You did? And you think you failed?

Then you are not alone. Many of us regret spending too much time on social media or think that what we did during the day wasn’t what we should have. But why do we procrastinate the tasks we committed to or even those we think we want to do so much?

Here is a possible explanation. Your favorite activity might seem harder to do than something else, so you first address the effortless. Scrolling down your social media feed or watching a video seems to be easier than to write a page in a book you wanted to write for so long.

What is the solution? Make the activity you want to address effortless.

And how to do it? “Tear off” a little piece out of that huge task and concentrate on that little piece. For example, if you write a book, concentrate on one sentence. I suggest that you even write that on your to-do list, “Write one sentence in my next great novel.”

You might discover that you can’t wait to write that sentence and to see what it will become. And you might experience scrolling down your social media feed suddenly requiring more effort than writing that one sentence in your book.

Copyright © 2018 by Victoria Ichizli-Bartels

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